iLamp by SystemDesignStudio

Amazing concept lighting from Spanish designers Helbert S. Ferreira and Remi A. Melander. From DVICE:

"Made of white silicone with an electroluminescent polymer light, the lamp is bendy like Gumby — twist it into whatever shape you like, and it'll stay that way. Create a stand, wrap it around a pole, perch it on your shoulder… it's up to you."

Gumby. That dude was crazy. Company website here.

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DJ Hero. Yes, DJ Hero.

The good people at Activision (Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarding, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty franchises to name a few) have expanded the already saturated market for fake music games to the DJ booth with the forthcoming DJ Hero.

Details are scarce at this point, but it definitely appears that the controller, pictured above, is about as true to real turntables as the infamous Guitar Hero axes. I'm not going to pan this yet, because it could be kind of badass, but I promise to remain deeply skeptical.

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2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana

Mercedes' iconic 300SL Gullwing reborn for the 21st century. I really love the original, and I hope there are more images to come. The car is to be modified by Arturo Alonso and his company, Gullwing America.

The car will be updated with an aluminum frame, a tuned Mercedes M-133-55 engine making 370 horsepower, and of course all the other modern crap that goes in new cars.

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RNC Clown College

I march to the beat of no one's drum but my own, but I really do dislike conservatives. They just won't shut up, won't compromise, and they want everyone to know how much better life is when you're a conservative. You know who else plays that card? Flamboyant homosexuals. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? In fact, zealots of all kinds are generally pretty intolerable. Occasional zealotry is okay I guess... but then its not really zealotry is it?

Anyway, here's a clever little program from Hebiclens / WMxdesign (don't know who these people are or what they do) that puts clown faces on people. And by people, I mean leading members of the RNC. Individual pics can be seen at this flickr page. Enjoy.

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Eley Kishimoto for Atelier Ruby Helmets

This one goes out to my boy Forrest who will be hitting up the awesomeness that is Phish Summer Tour and needs protection from both himself and random acts of God. No better way to get around safely on your tricycle than in one of these badboys. Sweet early 20th century racing goggles not included but strongly encouraged.

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Genaro DeSia Coppola Illustrations

Genaro DeSia Coppola

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Vintage Airline Logos

I like logos. These are some vintage airline logos that were posted on Designboom today. Look at them. If you stare at them long enough.... your eyes will water and you will need to blink. Or you will start to hallucinate and pass out. Or you will ruin your eyes from staring at a computer screen. Perhaps all of these things and more. Your destiny awaits...

From top to bottom: Zambia Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Air Niugini, and Air Florida.

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Core77 NY Design Week Ultimate Guide

If you live in NYC or are planning to attend Design Week '09, Core77 has a guide to events large and small all over the city. Looks like a good time, I'm really excited to be a part of it. On the internet. From Minneapolis. In my office. Sigh.

Graffiti Creator

Graffiti Creator is the type of website that will cause me to lose track of days. Graffiti Creator is a flash application that allows you to create your own bombastic works of art without all that pesky spray paint and felony vandalism business.

While this site eliminates the skill aspect of creating your own letters, it does a good job of simplifying the process of composition. There are some pretty annoying issues, including ad bars that prevent you from seeing some of the tool windows, but on the whole it is easy to pick up and is my new favorite time sink, as you can probably tell from the images in the post.