Grinon Industries' Bottoms Up Device

Hi, and welcome to 2011, which is set to be the year that we no longer have to wait for some inept part-timer to pour our beer at festivals or football matches or my living room on Monday afternoons.
The Bottoms Up device manages to fill cups of beer from the bottom up and can work on four servings at a time. This means that someone can fill up to 44 pints in under a minute.

If, like us, your mind is a tad boggled by all of this then here's an explanation. Each cup has a magnet in the bottom which locks into a slot. When it locks in, it gets pushed upward and the nozzle below fills it with the good stuff. It only fills the cup with the exact amount so no spillages will occur.

When the cup is taken off, the magnet bonds back to the bottom of the cup so no beer will be released.

To see how it all works, watch and learn below...

What did they give the Nobel Prize in Science for this year? I bet it had something to do with quarks or antimatter or god particles. You know what deserves a Nobel Prize? You know what...what...Mother of God that video is mesmerizing...I forgot what I was typing.

Anyway, I think I speak for everyone when I say that this invention certainly bodes well for a beer-soak-free 2011 as well as my New Year's resolution to get badly drunk more often. Cheers!

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