McNairy x Timberland Boots

KithNYC has these beautiful mud-stompers from Timberland available for $245-$265 at their online store.

I don't have much to say about them, other than I would not wear them for their intended purpose, which is presumably to go sloshing about in puddles or tromping around in snow. Instead, I would wear them to a fancy dinner party or to church and otherwise keep them dust- and dirt-free. Because that's what we do with our nice things in my house.

Ed Fairburn

Ed Fairburn is a guy who makes beautiful drawings of faces on maps. It occurs to me that it's a good thing this post is accompanied by the illustrations themselves, or that sentence as a standalone would be somewhat underwhelming.

The artist has this to say about his work:
"A short series of figurative studies, plotted and drawn over a collection of Bartholomew maps. Through this body of work I study both the physical attributes of the terrain and the features of my chosen subjects. I search for opportunities to synchronise the two, finding similarities between the patterns, before drafting out the portrait and building the tone."

via laughing squid

Zundert, Netherlands Bloemencorso (Big Ass Flower Parade)

So a bloemencorso is a flower parade, which is basically like the Rose Bowl's sashay around the streets of Pasadena, only it is in a small Dutch town called Zundert and the floats are goddamned insane. These are some pics of past winners.

I am in absolute awe of the top image. I don't have the imagination to draw something like that, let alone sculpt it out of millions of dahlias, and that makes me jealous as well as awed. Jealawed. Don't even try to steal it, it's copyrighted.

I added a video of this year's affair at the bottom of the post, but it is over an hour long and the commentary is Dutch, and it becomes apparent pretty quickly that you're sitting at your computer watching a recorded broadcast of a parade that is being remarked upon by people who aren't speaking English, which is unacceptable, so you don't have to click on it if you don't want to.

Kurt Cobain's Top 50 Albums

As a child who grew up in the 90s, Kurt Cobain (and, I suppose, Krist and Dave) was a seminal part of my musical education. Nevermind came out when I was...well I was old enough, ok? Anyway, it was eye-opening and fantastic and all that shit, but more than that because I found Kurt so fascinating I listened to a lot of the bands that influenced him, which is why I find this list intriguing. Have a look.

PS: What, no Pearl Jam?

image via laughing squid

The Pointer Tenzing II Is a Shoe, I Promise

The Pointer Tenzing II sounds like a name for a German submachine gun or a ghastly suburban condo development that advertises itself as a loft community even though they're cheap fucks who just don't want to pay for drywall.

It isn't either of those things, though. It's a shoe. A damn fine shoe, made by the good people at Pointer. This model is equipped with the finest leather/suede combo upper and rubber sole, along with brass eyelets and fancy laces.

Shoe. Not gun or condo, shoe. Available for $136 at KithNYC.