Y-3 Honja Low

Here's a look at the new Honja Low sneaker from the collaboration brand by Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3. I'm of the school of thought that denim is really only fit to be worn on the legs (unless there's a dire emergency, like having four legs and no appropriate attire for the two that are located where your arms should be), but these beauties have been done up tastefully (and well they should for $250, because you could buy two pairs of designer jeans or a denim tent for that price).

Like: the stylish bronze finish on the leather. Bosh, as they say in certain parts of the white world.
Dislike: giant Y-3 logo on the heel and tongue (click on the P & B link below to see better pics, it's all Flash and I'm lazy so the one up top is all you get).

Available at Park & Bond for the aforementioned exorbitant price of $250.

via hypebeast