Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing

This weekend marks the opening of AIC's Modern Wing. A bastion of contemporary masterpieces and random flotsam being passed off as contemporary masterpieces, this is definitely worth a day trip. In addition to contemporary, the new space has Modern European, Photography, and Architecture/Design collections. More info here.

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Burberry Wrap Strap Watches

The hit of Burberry's Spring '09 Prorsum runway show, these watches are available in the UK via Burberry for 325-395£, which is like $600ish I think. What am I, a currency trader? No. I just write stuff.

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Art-a-Whirl 2009 Studio and Gallery Tour

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association will be sponsoring Art-a-Whirl this weekend in...well...Northeast Minneapolis. Anyway, this is a great opportunity to check out the local art scene as well as network with bespectacled hipsters wearing scarves and Chuck Taylors while cruising around on their fixed-gear bikes (fixed-gear bikes = trucker hats circa 2002).

Studios and galleries all around the Northeast Arts District (was unaware that such a thing existed until today) will be holding open houses and there will be great bands playing at cool bars all weekend. I recommend the 331 Club where you can catch Lookbook, one of Minneapolis' best local acts in my expert opinion.


"More than 500 artists participate in AAW, including potters, tile makers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, glass blowers, printmakers, and textile designers. They showcase their art in warehouses, galleries, homes, storefronts and cafes."

The NEMAA site has a map of venues and whatnot. So, yeah, super fun stuff all weekend up in Northeast. Enjoy.

Le Coq Sportif x M&M's Eclat Sneakers

Yet another pair of limited edition sneaks that I will probably never see. I really love the fact that they made the upper out of the less-heralded brown, kind of brown, orange, and yellow M&Ms rather than the flashy green, red, and blue candies. Those RGB bastards always get top billing, but not any more. Rise up, you earth-toned M&M's, and seize the carp!

500 pairs to be released worldwide, presumably in places that are far from Minneapolis. No further info on retailers, but the release date is June 15 according to sneakerfreaker.com.

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