Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

Supercharged V8. 650 horsepower. 217 mph top speed. 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Total production limited to 75 vehicles. $1 million plus price tag. NO WINDSHIELD.

Named after a famous driver, this SLR pays homage to the 1955 Mercedes-Benz SLR 300, which won some races I have never heard of before crashing at Le Mans and killing 83 people. That is not a very informative sentence, but I felt it was important to demonstrate that I can do rudimentary internet research by finding an article about the car from a website I have never visited before. I am not sure why.


Here are some new pics from the North American International Auto Show. Disgustingly beautiful.

new images via core77


Google Earth Presents Prado Masterpieces

Google Earth is a disgustingly beautiful and robust program, and now they have added some of the masterpieces from El Prado museum in Madrid to their stable. What makes this so special is the 14 GIGApixel resolution. That is 14 billion pixels. That is enough pixels to choke a donkey. Velazquez, Goya, and others headline the new installation. Amazing.

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LEGO Camera Not Made of Legos, Just Ugly

LEGO has begun manufacturing gadgets which appear to be made out of the ubiquitous building blocks but which are, in fact, not. Why you would want something that looked like it was made out of mismatched LEGOs is beyond my competence to address, but since the stuff is being marketed to kids, I can only assume that kids have awful taste.

The line is scheduled for release this summer and will include digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, walkie talkies and other electronics. All I could find were the pic above of the camera and the one below of the walkie talkie.

These things are what my friends on the internet would refer to as fugly. Look it up.

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adidas Kegler Super

Sexy white sneaks for real. The adidas Kegler Super features a simple red, white, and blue colorway and suede toe cap. Also those weird peg things in the heel... I don't know what those are. At any rate, you can pick up a pair for $100 from David Z's online store. The release of this old school model is from adidas' Metro Independent collection.

Clear Duct Tape Violates Laws of Nature

So, like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren in Universal Soldier, 3M has defied the laws of nature and messed with God's plan to bring us juiced up duct tape. The new 2120 Scotch Transparent High Performance Duct Tape is apparently easier to peel from the roll, is far more adhesive while cutting down on the wrinkles, and is more than 6 times as durable as the old gray standby.

Increased durability? Fine. More adhesive? Bring it on. No wrinkles? Yes, please. Clear? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND? I mean, I understand the need to advance technology, but is it necessary to completely destroy the characteristic that we use to identify a given thing? CLEAR tape resembles duct tape about as much as a Swingline stapler resembles a nail gun. What a crock. I demand that 3M answer for this abomination, this bastard child of mad science and questionable ethics, and at the very least come up with a new name for this product, which is patently NOT duct tape.

Star Wars Galaxy Map

Yep, I'm a Star Wars nerd, so you get to look at my nerdy map today.

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bubble.us Free Online Brainstorming Tool

Ahh brainstorming. Whiteboards, blackboards, those really obnoxious oversized pads of paper that you put up on a tripod...what a mess, right? Well no more, thanks to bubbl.us you can have legible, mess-free bubbles that spawn other bubbles and still more bubbles until you feel your whole existence is directly correllated to the mess of bubbles you have created and if even ONE of those bubbles bursts, your whole world might...just...EXPLODE.

Anywho, this web app lets you share your bubbles online and even collaborate with others. Once you're finished, you can embed your 'mind map' (their term, not mine...I would call it a bubble boggle) into your website or blog where others can enjoy whatever it is that you were brainstorming about.

Finally, you can email and print your bubble boggle. Wait, is that supposed to qualify as a feature of some kind? I mean, if you can't email or print something, that makes it pretty fucking useless, does it not? What is this, the '90s? "Ooooh I can email AND print? Gosh the future really IS now!"

50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire via Well Medicated

Designer: Matt Leunig

A great post from Well Medicated showing off some indie eye candy. I posted some of my favorites here, you can check out the rest here.

Designer: Taylor Stout

Designer: Kevin Tong