DPRK's Great Leader Re-Imagined as DC Comic Villains

So this dude in Germany that goes by Aslan Malik has put out two series of foreign bank notes on which the dead presidents and other dignitaries have been made up as various characters from the DC Comics pantheon. The USA gets the superhero treatment while the Injustice League of North Korea is pictured below.

As a former resident of Korea myself, I find this work of political something or other to be really something or other. Right. You know I'll be honest here, this family has to go. Starving their own people, shooting rockets all over the damn place. Those fuckers sank a warship and shot at some civilians on an island about 40 miles from where I lived when I was there. NOT COOL.


KAWS "Ohhh..." Exhibition at Murakami's Kaikai Kiki

Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS, opened a new show titled Ohhh... down in 'ol Tokyo last night at Takashi Murakami's gallery Kaikai Kiki. Primer for the uninitiated:

  • KAWS is a graffiti writer turned gallery sensation from Jersey City, which I'm told is in New Jersey. We are big fans and have previously posted about his work here, here, and OMG BOBA FETT here.
  • Tokyo is the largest city in Japan with a population of 13.2 million. The food is fucking great.
  • Takashi Murakami is an artist specializing in awesomeness. His artistic style is referred to as superflat. His artwork was displayed at Versailles. That's Versailles, built by the Sun King Louis XVI. He's kind of a big deal.
Credits to Juxtapoz for all the pics on this page. They really are fantastic over there, you must check them out.