PlaidBench Collection

Pretty execution of a concept that I can't really get my head around from reading the designer's (Raw-Edges Design Studio) comments:

A collection of furniture assembled out of interlocking iconic urban benches into a plaid surface. Stripes arrangement is a common element in iconic benches. Many of the very common archetype benches happen to be shaped in this way. Stripes are also the fundamental element in textile check/plaid pattern where they arranged together in a vertical and horizontal fashion. Making a graphical connection, Raw-Edges created this large set up of different wood benches that interlocked to each other perpendicularly in order to achieve a Plaid/Check patterns.

These are really beautiful pieces, but if I bought one of the tables, would I be able to get it with just four legs? The plaid is great. Excellent. If it was a shirt, I'd buy it. I think it's brilliant. I just don't want an eighteen-legged coffee table. Or a six-legged garden bench. I think that's reasonable.

via contemporist