The Seafarer Residence by Jared Poole

Great seaside home by Jared Poole. This amazing building is located in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland Australia. The particulars:
The Seafarer Residence by Jared Poole

Location : Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.
Site Area : 1390m2
Building Area : 1880m2

The composition and massing of this 3 level plus basement carpark residence was a response to the shape and constraints of it’s site. Located in Surfers Paradise, Australia, the site tapers out from a street frontage of 10m, to a water frontage of almost 60m capturing views from the hinterland to the ocean, this delivered opportunities from most off the house to provide an outlook, whilst maintaining privacy from neighbours, influencing the planning of the house.

Strongly expressed lines and flowing forms emphasize a strong relationship with the site. A balanced application of horizontal and vertical elements complement the use of framed elements to provide relief to the visual bulk of the building.

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31 Days...

New Banksy Pieces in Toronto

"Icon" is a word that gets thrown around alot these days, and "gets thrown around alot these days" does too. Anyway, Banksy is a street art icon, and some of his work has popped up in Toronto just around the time his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, debuted up thar. For my Minneapolis peeps, you can still catch it at the Uptown. For my Korean peeps... well, wait for the bootleg?

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