Presidential Failure

Seriously? The leader of the free world has a belt holster for his Crackberry? Functional: yes, cool: not ever for any reason. Not cool Prez, not cool.

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Why Apple is Cooler than You

Come up with something more amazing than a wall of 20-inch cinema displays showing off the entire catalog of iPhone app icons. Then, connect the displays to the app store so the icons 'ping' like a pebble in water every time they're purchased. If you can do that, and I hate you as much as I hate Apple, you will at least grudgingly earn my respect.

Apple has often been the object of some criticism because of their cultish attitude and insistence on exclusivity and secrecy, but I mean come on, this shit is just crazy.

Captured on display at WWDC 2009.

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Takashi Murakami: “The Simple Things”

In collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Jacob the Jeweler, Takashi Murakami, sensei of superflat, produced this absolutely insane sculpture to showcase some blinged out consumer trash. I think its a waste of the maestro's talents to be affiliated with all this other crap, but the sculpture itself is so amazing it is worth a post.

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The Hergé Museum by Christian de Portzamparc

Hergé, also known as Georges Remi, is the creator of the venerable graphic novel series The Adventures of Tintin, which I loved growing up. Stimulating storylines and graphics to match had me reading these stories again and again. The museum was designed by Christian de Portzamparc and is located in Louvain-la-Neuve, near Brussels, Belgium.

The interior space is amazing, as is the approach to the entrance. More pictures available at Contemporist, whence came this post.


Paul Smith Patchwork Sneakers

At $165, this sneaker is grossly overpriced, but I like the styling. The varying patterns and colors are well done, but I would have to see the things in the flesh and make sure of some sturdy construction before I dropped that kind of money on them.

Buy here if you dare.

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