Assault Rifle Sunglasses

You know, it has become apparent to me that I have been reposting a fair bit of content from the Laughing Squid. This may lead to speculation by some that I am lazy on the internet. Not true! In fact, I quite pride myself on my ability to devour massive amounts of the online world, absorb the nutrient segments into my blood, and discard the bulk as solid waste out of my cyberanus.

It just so happens that the editorial staff at the Squid and I subsist on a similar diet, and I am going to take this opportunity to tip my hat to that mob over there. You do good work.

Right, well tell me these assault rifle sunglasses, designed by Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow, aren't just the fucking shit. Unfortunately, they're available at Colette, which my readers will know is a by-word for the French what the fuck expensive.

Yeah. €380. For machine gun sunglasses. God I hate Colette.