Rhymesayers' Soundset 09

Legendary underground hip-hop label Rhymesayers brings back their Soundset showcase for 2009. This year's event will be held at Caterbury Park in Shakopee, MN on May 24. Tickets range from $25-75 and can be purchased at Ticketmaster (booooooo) or Fifth Element* in Uptown (Hooray!).

Performing: Atmosphere, MF Doom, Brother Ali, Sage Francis with B. Dolan, Immortal Technique, P.O.S, El P featuring Mr. Dibbs, Eyedea & Abilities, Abstract Rude and I Self Devine.

Should be a great show, sucks it isn't in the city.

*-Limited number of presale tickets available in-store.

Rock the Garden '09 Features Decembrists, Author Vomits

The lineup for this year's Rock the Garden concert at the Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden was announced on 89.3 The Current this afternoon, and boy am I not going.

Headlining the event will be The Decembrists, who I loathe because of their lead singer's nasally whine and impossibly emo vibe. Also appearing will be Calexico, who get a MEH out of 10 on my scale of caring. Yeasayers, who I have heard of but cannot place at the moment, and Solid Gold, whom I have discussed previously here, round out the bill.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on April 22, tickets for MPR and Walker members are on sale now.

Matchstick Minas Tirith

J.R.R. Tolkien's City of Kings, Minas Tirith, built by Patrick Acton out of matchsticks.

I'm gonna come clean: I'm obsessed with Tolkien's world, but not in my wildest daydreams would I ever presume to try and reproduce anything The Master created. This work by Acton, this pile of matchsticks, absolutely works for me. So congratulations Peter Jackson and Patrick Acton, you succeed where all others fail. Minas Tirith is set to be completed sometime in 2010.

Below, check one of Acton's other creations: Hogwart's!

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Keybag from Joao Sabino

Possibly my favorite handbag design ever. Why? Two possibilities: it is really that amazing, or I don't ever look at handbag designs because, y'know, that'd be weird.

Available at the designer's website for 130 Euros.

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And I Thought They Smelled Bad on the OUTSIDE

OK I am having a super busy week from hell, hence the dearth of posting activity, but today I bring to you the Tauntaun sleeping bag from ThinkGeek. This potentially wonderful design has dimensions which can only be described as child-sized, which really puzzles me considering the fact that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker fit into one in The Empire Strikes Back.

I guess the geeks don't give a damn about continuity. Or perhaps they are evil geeks who slaughter Tauntaun...pups? Lambs? Cubs? Whatever, we'll go with Tauntaun young. Its sick no matter which way you look at it. ThinkGeek, more like SickGeek, amirite? Yeah.

$39.99 here

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Design Collective Gallery and Boutique Write-Up on CH

Design Collective is a showcase for Minneapolis-area designers located on 26th St. West between Hennepin Ave. and Fremont Ave.. Someone else of note lives on that very block, so it should not be surprising that the people from Cool Hunting gave it a positive write-up. Read it here.