o hai.

So, my loyal readers, I have returned from across the mighty Pacific to my previous life on the North American continent. It has been an extremely painful adjustment, to be quite honest, and is one that is ongoing. Hopefully I can manage to settle back in over here soon, as my angst isn't exactly a creative tonic most of the time.

As an expert blogger, I can tell you that this type of mental calisthenic requires serious training and commitment, as well as available time in which to capture your muse on the page. I can also tell you that I possess exactly one of those requirements and look unlikely to pursue any more at present (I'll leave you to guess which one I mean).

This is all a very long-winded and whiny way of saying that yes, I'm back, but no, I probably won't be churning out posts like so much stomach bile. Anyway, I promised a Bali write-up, and that you shall have when it's all finished.

Until then, keep an eye out for random posts about random things, and dig this track by M83 titled Midnight City: