Sinn 917 Rallye Destro Chronograph

I don't understand the "Destro" reference, since everyone knows he's the chrome-pated vice-villain of the nefarious international terror organization known popularly as COBRA, but this is a very stylish watch from Sinn.

Actually now that I read a bit more about it, it seems that "Destro" somehow refers to left-handedness? That doesn't make an ounce of sense to me, but then again I know very little about the watchmaking profession because I use the stars and feeding patterns of small mammals to tell time.

Anyway, I think the overall organization of the face, as well as the little touches like the location of the Sinn trademark and how the color of the faceplate matches the stitching on the band, combine to make this a great looking timepiece. Still not sure about the "Destro," however.

44mm casing good to 100m underwater.