Edifice Quilted Jacket

So yeah, Edifice has graduated from one-hit wonder to bona fide chart-topping coat maker (what?). Anyway here's the new quilted jacket, and here's the badass Melton I posted earlier this autumn. Looks like the whole leather-strap-about-the-neck piece is their marque déposée.

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André Hand Painted Quiksilver Surfboards

I can't surf. Well, let's be fair: I don't know how to surf. I would like to, but it turns out that there aren't a whole lot of great spots to learn in the Midwest. Unless you count my boys who have been pushing the wake surfing scene on Lake Minnetonka...or these crazy bastards...but as a wannabe purist, I really don't consider it surfing unless its on a wave made by the ocean.

Anyway, André drops these slick hand-painted jobs along with board maker Quiksilver. No word on availability or anything like that, but they are rad. I'm stoked. Gnar.


Rent the Runway

The New York Times has an article about a new service called Rent the Runway, which boasts of providing $1000 gowns for rent at $50-$200 a pop, and is being hailed as "Netflix for evening gowns." I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have my fashion marketed to me like a DVD, so its a good thing the operating team of Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss have a few tricks up their sleeveless Hervé Légers.

Here's the Times' version of how it all works: "The rentals run $50 to $200 for a four-night loan and are shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep. After wearing the dress, she puts it into a prepaid envelope and drops it in the mail." Netflix. For clothes.

Some interesting ideas:
  • Invitation only. Not a new idea, of course, but even a whiff of exclusivity is huge when it comes to high fashion.
  • Service is king. "Customers who want to be extra-safe can choose a second style as a backup, for an additional $25. And all dresses come with a custom garment bag and a 'fit kit,' which includes double-sided tape, bra strap adjusters and deodorant stain removers."
  • Insurance. $5 damage insurance and the dryclean fee included in the initial cost. Obviously, the renter bears the cost of complete destruction.
  • Styles. Many designers sell their pieces directly to the service, but others provide Rent the Runway with exclusive runway pieces in exchange for the profits. Wearing runway pieces = awesome. Even I know that.
My only commentary on this idea is that it is a pretty ballsy play given the customer service issues that are bound to arise when dealing with such volatile components as fashion, logistics, and women. Honestly I hope it works.

Maybe we'll get something similar going for the gentlemen sometime soon. Seems unlikely, given that most men are fine renting a $200 tux from Gingiss Formal Wear whenever they need one...and rocking a tweed blazer with black slacks, brown shoes, and a disgusting tie should they have a job interview or funeral...but there I go again, ellipses and tangents. Kudos to you Jennifer and Jennifer, and good luck.

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SFIDA x SILAS Football, Jersey

I don't know what a SFIDA is, and SILAS is the name of that kid on Weeds, but I love football, and they made a pretty badass looking football and jersey for limited release. The Maltese cross Union Jack is genius.


Perrelet Chronographs

Some sweet watches or "chronographs" if your noise is at slight incline from Perrelet. I'm a fan of the non-traditional hour layout and aged cheese. I also prefer boxers to briefs and would rather not discuss why.

The hour layout I'm talking about is called Regulator with Retrograde Hour. Why wouldn't it be?

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