Tron Imposter Helm

This Les Ateliers Ruby motorcycle/scooter helmet is a passable aesthetic knockoff when it comes to the paint job, but let's be real honest here: any legitimate TRON helmet must begin and end with its scion: the legendary Cooper SK 2000, pictured below.

Made famous by the evergreen Mark Messier in his
professional playing career with both the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers, the SK 2000 was the DeLorean of hockey helmets throughout the 1980s and 90s. Still utilized by goalkeepers such as Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings, the helmet's main selling point was that you could adjust the length for a better fit. A real marvel of helmet engineering.

Anyway, hopefully you can grasp what I'm getting at here, which is that the perfectly-round Spaceball model on top really doesn't look like a TRON helmet at all, which is a silly thing to get caught up in an argument about, especially when I'm sure the French designers would be all "Oh ho! Well of course we did not want to copy ze helmet exzactly. Zere is more left to ze imagination, as well as better performance and safety from a motorbiking perspecteeve." Whatever. I've made my point and educated you all about an industrial design masterpiece from the 80s.

Also, the helmet will be available from colette at some point in the future, which means it will be expensive.

Finally, you may remember that we have previously discussed some proper motorbike helmet designs by Ateliers Ruby here.

The elusive object of this post comes via hypebeast.