Vintage Coke Cans

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Kings of Leon x Barking Irons T-Shirts

Barking Irons, one of my favorite producers of high quality design t-shirts, has these Kings of Leon prints available for sale. Look good while supporting some good 'ol Southern Rock 'n Roll.

Available here for $25 and $35, respectively. That's a good deal.

Star Wars x Medicom Toy Boba Fett Kubrick Collection

I am alerting all four of you who still read this blog that there are new Boba Fett minis from Medicom and Star Wars coming out. They are mini. They are Boba Fett. Or at least they are supposed to be Boba Fett. I'm a fairly rabid purist when it comes to my Star Wars, and I'm pretty sure Boba Fett never had a cattle prod or purple armor. Whatever. It has been a horribly slow week and I'm basically just going through the motions.

The only one who looks like Boba Fett is the one on the right above here. I'm getting more and more perturbed by these imposters as we go along. I am a pretty big fan of creative license, but I mean come on, these fuckers look like storm troopers, not the last of the mighty Mandalorian Warriors, Boba Fett, Greatest Bounty Hunter Alive!

toys via hypebeast, video by robot chicken


NYPD Nissan Altima Hybrid Patrol Cars Spotted in the Wild

So I guess the announcement was made in April or something, but here's a pic of the new 35-mpg NYPD patrol car. Yup, that's an Altima. $1500 more per car, 19 mpg more on city streets, looks like something the cops in Luxembourg might drive.

via core77

adidas Originals x STAR WARS

From StarWars.com:

"Global streetwear icon, adidas Originals is proud to announce a unique collaboration with one of the world's best known and loved brand marks: Star Wars. This stellar Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconicStar Wars characters and scenes with classic adidas Originals footwear and apparel silhouettes.

This collaboration between adidas Originals and Lucasfilm Ltd. "has been an exciting process," according to Ben Pruess, adidas Originals VP of Product Marketing. "To work with Lucasfilm in bringing a timeless story to life on our products is great. Like adidas Originals, the Star Wars brand has a long and rich history of being a leader, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. For fans of the films, sneaker heads or those that love fun and fresh designs, the collection gives you the chance to find the Force or join the dark side."

Inspired by the galactic saga, the Star Wars collection consists of limited edition as well as mass distribution footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. Classic adidas Originals track tops, and several legendary sneaker styles are represented with characters and scenes from the epic saga in reinterpreted versions.

Expect to see Darth Vader and stormtrooper graphics on select iconic Originals styles. Other key Star Wars characters and memorable moments from the films will also be represented in innovative, cool ways.

The Spring/Summer Star Wars collection will be introduced at retail beginning January, 2010. Select retailers, as well as adidas Originals Stores worldwide will carry the collection. The collaboration will also contain a Fall/Winter 2010 line as well with new characters on different select footwear and apparel."

This better not suck.