Innersection Winner Matt Meola

Above is the Innersection segment by winner Matt Meola, who hails from the frozen tundra of Maui.

Innersection is a collaboration between deep pocketed film producers, surf filmmakers, and surfers to produce a free-surfing DVD. Basically, surfers and their film crews make short film segments and submit them to the website, then Innersection members vote on which segments are the best. The overall winner receives a prize of $100,000.

As a novice surfer and someone who prefers watching the pros go after big waves rather than airs and other "competition" maneuvers, I'm fairly indifferent about the performance. The kid is obviously talented and some of his rides are unbelievable, but I really don't know enough about this type of surfing to say one guy is better than the other.

Regardless, $100k is a grip of cash for a guy like Matt, so congratulations on the win and the exposure.

via surfermag.com