Laird Hamilton on Gizmodo

Laird Hamilton is a Jedi. He uses the force to do things on the ocean that are completely and totally insane. People who don't know what they're looking at may be confused; people who do know what they're looking at are probably scared shitless. Whichever camp you're in, there's a pretty cool series of articles/interviews over on Gizmodo this week with Hamilton that are worth the read.

When I say Laird is a Jedi, I don't just mean he does crazy things that no one else can/should do, he invents these things. He's like the dude that invented the lightsaber only he wears boardshorts instead of an itchy brown robe.

Up above is one of Laird's inventions, foilboarding. Below, stand-up paddling. He was also instrumental in developing tow-in surfing and kite boarding. Jedi.