The Newrotic Weekly

We has a newspaper! All the news that's fit to print about subjects near and dear to our heart(s). NewsCred is a site that allows you to create your own online newspaper by choosing subjects and site filters you devise yourself.

It's not perfect, and in fact at this point leaves alot to be desired, but its a good start and I like to encourage people to try new things so I won't go into the craptastic parts just yet. Try it out.


Franz Nicolay Leaves The Hold Steady

Sad news. Franz Nicolay, the mustachioed gentleman pictured above, has left The Hold Steady. The Brooklyn-based outfit are a favorite of mine because they make kick-ass rock n roll and their favorite subject is my hometown. It'll be interesting to see where the band goes from here.

Read all about it over at pitchfork.

Warmi Knits

Some beautiful work from Paris-by-way-of-Colombia-based designer Sylvia Toth.

I have nothing further to say about these, so instead I will give you some good advice: all you can eat king crab night at the Lafayette Club in Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota is the greatest and most epic meal you could wish for, but when washed down with 823479752 vodka tonics makes for a mess of a morning.

That's not really advice, just the story of my day.

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Nike SB Dunk High “Lost Oceanic Airlines”

I don't want to advertise for television shows since TV rots your brain. Instead, I've cleverly revealed my excitement for the upcoming season of Lost by posting these Dunk Highs inspired by the Oceanic Airlines colorway. Enjoy.

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visvim Abarth Moc Denim-Folk

Loafers from visvim, which will go well with my jeans, jean jacket, and denim button-down.

Since they are ready-made for the Canadian market, it is likely you will only be able to find them in a French boutique with an English name on an obscure street corner in Kuala Lumpur on January the 20th.

One part of that last paragraph was true. Guess which?

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Alexander McQueen 2010 Fall Collection

\What the? Either made for or inspired by COBRA Commander. Or bank robbers. Or ninjas. But probably COBRA Commander.

Free Space Shuttle Engines Direct From NASA

NASA is attempting to give away actual engines from the nearly-defunct Space Shuttle program. The catch: you have to come pick them up. I am guessing they will not fit in the back of your Dad's F-150.

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