DPRK's Great Leader Re-Imagined as DC Comic Villains

So this dude in Germany that goes by Aslan Malik has put out two series of foreign bank notes on which the dead presidents and other dignitaries have been made up as various characters from the DC Comics pantheon. The USA gets the superhero treatment while the Injustice League of North Korea is pictured below.

As a former resident of Korea myself, I find this work of political something or other to be really something or other. Right. You know I'll be honest here, this family has to go. Starving their own people, shooting rockets all over the damn place. Those fuckers sank a warship and shot at some civilians on an island about 40 miles from where I lived when I was there. NOT COOL.


KAWS "Ohhh..." Exhibition at Murakami's Kaikai Kiki

Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS, opened a new show titled Ohhh... down in 'ol Tokyo last night at Takashi Murakami's gallery Kaikai Kiki. Primer for the uninitiated:

  • KAWS is a graffiti writer turned gallery sensation from Jersey City, which I'm told is in New Jersey. We are big fans and have previously posted about his work here, here, and OMG BOBA FETT here.
  • Tokyo is the largest city in Japan with a population of 13.2 million. The food is fucking great.
  • Takashi Murakami is an artist specializing in awesomeness. His artistic style is referred to as superflat. His artwork was displayed at Versailles. That's Versailles, built by the Sun King Louis XVI. He's kind of a big deal.
Credits to Juxtapoz for all the pics on this page. They really are fantastic over there, you must check them out.


Gringos at the Gate

Tonight, the United States will face Mexico in Mexico City's cavernous Estadio Azteca, a 105,000 seat stadium that hosted the 1986 World Cup Final. The US has won only one match in this stadium, an ugly 1-0 scoreline last summer when the Mexicans were emotionally and physically depleted after their Olympic triumph over Brazil.

That 1-0 affair was a "friendly," to use the parlance of the sport, but these battles are anything but. In past World Cup Qualifying matches, US players have been pelted with everything from batteries to beer glasses filled with vomit. The stadium sits at 7,100 feet above sea level in the Teotihuacan Valley, the polluted caldera of Mexico City, with temperatures soaring to 100+ degrees and oxygen required before, during and after the game. It is, without question, a hellish place to play a football match.

For more than 50 years, the Mexicans dominated us, beating us time and time again. It is telling, for example, that the United States did not host a World Cup until 1994, eight years after our cousins to the south. This was their sport. Was. Until the US defeated Mexico in 2002 in the World Cup round of 16, Dos a Cero.

Without getting completely lost in in the woods by how jazzed I am for this game, it suffices to say that the rivalry is now very real. Mexico and the United States are equals on the soccer field, and it makes for some tense, exciting stuff. Check out the trailer for the film by Pablo Miralles, Michael Wahlen, and Roberto Donati and then watch the US v Mexico in what I hope will not be another lopsided victory for El Tri in the Azteca.


Rio de Janeiro Wingsuit Madness

Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer are doing that whole "wingsuit" thing. The twist being that rather than ripping through the rocky wilderness above, between and below the Alps, these two hopped off a couple of ultralite gliders over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The penultimate moment in this drama is when they rocket over Rio's Cathedral and between the opposing towers of a new office development. They then pull chutes and land safely in the Praça Tiradentes.

Not only is this, in and of itself, a mind-bending act of athleticism, skill and balls, it should remind everyone out there with a GoPro that the bar for posting "cool" videos online has been set rather high.

via laughing squid


Daft Punk: The Return of the Robots

Insomnia seldom comes with an explanation that doesn't involve an obvious and probably chemical root cause, and even those only occur once upon a blue moon, and on the weekend. No, the weekday insomnia is generally rooted deeply in the subconscious, a vile affliction that leads to coffee breath and cross emails about things that really aren't that important. But not today. Today I know why I could not sleep: The Robots have returned. Rejoice, for there shall be a tour. Someday. Maybe. 

Anyway, they posted the image above on their facebook page along with a link to their website, which crashed within a couple minutes, such is the love for our robot overlords. As soon as tour dates are announced you can expect an ebay auction for one of my premium kidneys to follow.


Take What You Can - BlueBlazer

Seldom do I get a chance to promote the worthy creative efforts of my friends, since most of them are mindless automatons or drunken buffoons, and also because I don't have very many friends left.

Anyway, Mike Schwandt, of White Light Riot fame, has a new project called Blue Blazers, and this is their first track, Take What You Can. Listen. Enjoy. Follow.


Paperman, a Disney Animated Short

Stuff like this makes me think that Disney is still genius, they just try too hard.


KAWS Boba Fett Figure

Pssshhhhhhhhreeeeeeooowwwwwwwwkchckhckchshhhh is the sound my brain made when it exploded just now, because the man, the myth, the legend, Brian Donnelly has combined his signature KAWS character with intergalactic bounty hunter and sarlacc snack Boba Fett.

On sale January 26 at the KAWSONE website. I will be in line.

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