Surfer Mag Best Photos of '09

Surfer Magazine has 41 of their best photos of the year over on their website. I had to cap and pshop the one below because surf photographers and their pics are like fucking leprechauns and their gold.

Worth checking out, just don't bother trying to right click and save...


Oakley x Stanley Donwood Artist Series Jupiter

Instead of waiting for some sort of inspiration to strike, I've decided to go ahead and just force myself to post stuff. Not that the stuff I post isn't going to be cool, because it is, cool stuff happens all the time, I am just really not seeing the cool in much of anything right now. An artistic dearth this snowy December.

Anyway, here's a pair of Oakley's by Stanley Donwood. Enjoy, and have a happy new year.

via highsnobiety

adidas x Star Wars Sneakers

Here is the complete (I think) line of adidas x Star Wars sneakers. I am posting them somewhat out of obligation since I have been covering them since they were announced some months back. I say this because for the most part I'm underwhelmed. I mean, I'm underwhelmed by alot these days, but I had high hopes for this offering--especially after the sweet Marc Ecko Boba Fett and Stormtrooper hoodies from last year.

The sad truth is, these are predictably nerdy, but they don't pop. There is nothing about any one of these that is truly mind-blowing. I'm not saying I wouldn't wear some of them (the Skywalker and Falcon in particular), but while some are tragically nerd, others are no more Star Wars than a regular pair of Stan Smiths. An unfortunate offspring of these two powerhouse brands.