"Yacht A"

Or: "$300 Million Price Tag is No Obstacle When You're a Russian Oil Tycoon."

For those of you who don't want to watch the vid, the particulars are: 340 feet, 3-speedboat garage, master suite which is as secure as a bank vault, and a helipad on the bow. The interior was designed by Frenchman Philippe Starcke, who is famous for being a French designer.

Ah, Russia. You'll notice his offices are in London, not Moscow. This is because if his office was in Moscow, he'd be dead because those vicious bastards eat each other alive. Not that I'm prejudiced against Russians or anything...but I've seen a couple fictional films, and they really opened my eyes to some of the startling realities of Russian business. Or something. I was only joking comrades.

via gizmodo