NeoLithic Ceramic Cooking Knives

Throwback knives. Who would've guessed. These ceramic blades are inspired by rudimentary cooking tools used by neolithic man. I don't think you can go wrong with steel blades and nice safe wooden handles, but apparently designer Matthias Kaeding would beg to differ.

So they look neat, but really, I don't see...the point? God I'm on fire today.

These are prototypes I guess, as there is no word on a release on any of the sites I visited.

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My favorite USB gadget since the monkey handwarmers I discovered last winter. This is, in fact, an operable chainsaw powered via USB port. The 3/8" saw chain is capable of sawing through real wood and, one would assume, flesh and bone. Hooray for crazy office toys. According to the manufacturer:

"Cut through different types of wood as you would with a full-sized electric chainsaw. Saw chain (included) delivers fast cutting speed with good efficiency. i.Saw guide bar is also compatible with most third-party saw chains."

No offense to the USB missile launcher set, but I think you've been outclassed here. This new office tool must certainly be...a cut above the rest (Dr. Evil pinky touch to the lower lip)?

The iSaw is 15.2 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches and weighs 8.2 lbs, so this is a very real, no-fucking-around chainsaw, and will be shipped in the fall of 2009.

Available for pre-order here for $59.95 plus shipping.

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