Takashi Murakami at Versailles

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is opening his exhibition at the Palace of Versailles this week, and of course everyone and their French maid is all upset about it because his work is, well, rather the opposite of Baroque. I think you'd be an idiot to say his art belongs in the palace, but isn't it the fact that it's there anyway the fun part?

Lighten up.

Oh, also, there's a bit in this article by the Guardian which states that Royalist Activists are planning a protest. Are you serious? Royalists? The French Revolution culminated in the beheading of Louis XVI in 1793, and while there was that Napoleon fellow and a few other pretenders in the intervening years, the Third Republic was formed all the way back in 1871. Point being: get over it.

They're not burning the place down, they're just making it more fun.

images via the guardian
thx dano

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