NoPoPo Batteries Run On Pee

According to the product description at HimeaShop.com, the NoPoPo batteries "are rechargeable via a variety of liquids, including water and urine, injected into the battery chamber with a pipette. A mixture of magnesium and carbon reacts with the liquid and produces power up to 500 mAh." Yeah it says urine. Of all eligible liquids, they chose urine for their product description.

So to get to the pee-soaked heart of the matter, 500 mAh is, according to my research, a little on the low end as far as comparable batteries go, and with solar powered battery chargers pretty readily available, I am struggling to find an appropriate time to use these warlocks. Perhaps if you were stranded in the middle of the desert, at night, and you and your portable DVD player are just about at the pivotal moment in The Princess Bride where the Dread Pirate Roberts is going to reveal to Buttercup that he is, in fact, her long lost love? Then I think maybe I would piss into this "pipette" thing and fire that badboy right back up. Wesley is so brave.

Available at HimeyaShop.com for $15

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