DynoMighty Designs

Last week I was in Vegas helping out my friends at UNO Industries for the bi-annual Magic and POOLTRADESHOW exhibitions at the LVCC. While I was there hocking magnets and ball chain, I met Terrence Kelleman, President and Designer for DynoMighty. The Brooklyn-based company made its name in the magnetic jewelery game, but has moved on to produce wallets and totes made out of recycled plastics.

I used to make duct tape wallets with my friends in high school, so I can appreciate the fabrication process, but the gimmick here is the unique decor of each wallet. The prints range from Air Mail envelopes to dot matrix print paper and comic strips. The illusion of flimsy paper folded into a wallet is only dispelled when you touch the recycled plastic material and feel the quality of construction and toughness of the product. $15 at the Dynomighty website.

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