SpidoLite Watch by Linde Werdelin

This is a high performance(?) timepiece from Danish designer Linde Werdelin that was originally designed for a famous mountain climber named Morten Linde before he climbed Everest. The design blends a lightweight exoskeleton with fancy shmancy watch guts to provide a design that is both rigid and durable while providing a striking, incomplete appearance.

I think this thing looks like a watch I would wear, but unfortunately since this particular timepiece will be produced in a batch of only 44, it will probably not work out for me. Sort of like the time I wanted to experiment with stopping bullets with my mind, or jump over that moving car. Actually its nothing like that. Anyway, the thing costs 9,000 euros, and I don't calculate monopoly money, so you'll have to do the legwork for that one on your own.

via CH

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