Texts From Last Night

Texts From Last Night was brought to my attention by a co-worker (well technically she's an intern and I'm a contractor, so we are more like two people who sit in the same proximity in a very large office building, so whatever, tangent monster out) and is absolute genius.

The brainchild of some people who are clearly very sick, this is the holy grail for voyeuristic forays into OPB (other peoples' business (C)2009 RGD). The numbers preceding the messages are area codes, so those who submit their texts can lie anonymously about their adventures. Despite dubious authenticity, these are seriously funny. Some favorites below:

(615): yo i just woke up i feel so weird, and the absolut is still fill, so is the 30, what the fuck did we drink last night man? And will you please come out of the bathroom.
(702): Bro... we didn't even hang out last night??

(781): I just woke up surrounded in unopened snacks

(958): Ok I think I'm on a date with a hooker from Louisiana
(303): go home
(985): But it's funny

(540): is it bad that i shorted Freddie Mac immediatly after I heard about
the CFO?


(301): Very drunk. laura says hi. i can't find my pants. i think i'm in
philly, but it might be jersey somewhere

(440): I love you
(720): are you drunk
(440): yes but I def love you, we should get married
(720): But I'm Jewish
(440): embrace Jesus

(516): gavin joseph was born around 1 oclock 9lbs 12oz... over 21 inches
(917): Thats what she said

(970): Remember that night when i almost got you arrested? Is that funny

(212): You feel like going out tonight?
(1-212): Does a 14yr-old girl look good beat up? I'll bring the

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EricBforPresident said...

My favorite is the arrested one...I can predict that will be involved in one of our stories somewhere in the future. Kind of like the

(R)"I think you left your fanny pack at my place last night.

(E)When in the duration of our friendship have I lead you to believe that I own a fanny pack?"