Star Wars x Medicom Toy Boba Fett Kubrick Collection

I am alerting all four of you who still read this blog that there are new Boba Fett minis from Medicom and Star Wars coming out. They are mini. They are Boba Fett. Or at least they are supposed to be Boba Fett. I'm a fairly rabid purist when it comes to my Star Wars, and I'm pretty sure Boba Fett never had a cattle prod or purple armor. Whatever. It has been a horribly slow week and I'm basically just going through the motions.

The only one who looks like Boba Fett is the one on the right above here. I'm getting more and more perturbed by these imposters as we go along. I am a pretty big fan of creative license, but I mean come on, these fuckers look like storm troopers, not the last of the mighty Mandalorian Warriors, Boba Fett, Greatest Bounty Hunter Alive!

toys via hypebeast, video by robot chicken


#1STUNNA said...

I'm alerting everyone that you lost your phone Thursday night! What a goon!

Anonymous said...

Purple armor and orange cattle prod are courtesy of Boba's first appearance, The Star Wars Holiday Special. In an animated segment he helps and then betrays Luke and the gang.