Os Gêmeos Mural, NYC

Os Gêmeos are Brazilian bros who make some of the most unique street art anywhere. I have to say I'm not always a fan, but their ambition and audacity sometimes combine to produce works of extraordinary quality and presence.

While I wouldn't say this is one of their best or boldest, I'm really struggling with finding content on days that are not beautiful and sunny and require me to be outside. Summertime has absorbed virtually all of my time, and therefore only on shabby, rainy days like today (and there have only been a few) can I truly immerse myself in the internets.

Anyway, this piece was done over a tribute mural to Keith Haring somewhere in NYC. The post on hypebeast is probably the least helpful thing I've ever read, so I'm going to check on location and get back to you in the next paragraph...

Right. So this is on the corner of Houston St. and Bowery, which I think is on the Lower East Side, but I'm from the midwest so do your own research if you plan to go searching.

via animal nyc

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