Arkeg Drink-n-Game

The Arkeg Drink-n-Game is the stuff of fantasy for gaming gentlemen (or ladies) of my generation. The hardware features a a 24-inch 1080i LCD that's powererd by a Dell GX260 SFF low-end PC and has features such as DVD playback and karaoke.

The real glory, however, lies in that the Drink-n-Game comes pre-loaded with 69 licensed games including Mortal Kombats one two and three, 720°, Super Street Fighter II CE, Rampage, and Gauntlet. As you can see from the pics, HAPP buttons and a trackball as well as a keyboard for the PC are included.

On the beer end, you can stow a weird looking 5 gallon keg and 5 lb. CO2 bottle, and solid-state cooling keeps your beers frosty.

$4000 and worth every penny here.

via giz

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