Tactical Bacon

Blogs can have theme weeks right? Fuck you I'm having one anyway.

Tactical Bacon is, as you may be able to surmise from the pic, canned bacon.

Tac-Bac, which is a stupid abbreviated name for Tactical Bacon because the "Tac" from tactical and the "Bac" from bacon sound different, and the phonetic result of "Tack-Bake" is uncomfortable and unwieldy, lasts for up to ten years. That's right. Ten years. Fucking ten year-old bacon. 54 strips to a can.

I assume that if one were consuming 54 strips of ten year-old bacon, that person would pretty much have to be living in the post-apocalypse anyway, and therefore taste wouldn't really be a consideration since this would be his or her third-to-last meal; right before rat and radioactive cockroach.

Glenn via gizmodo

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