Best Buy, Masters of Subtlety

Best Buy has just dropped the price of Sony's PlayStation 3 $100 to $299. They are also now hooking it up to your TV for you for... $130. Now I'm no math whiz, but from my calculations, a sales tax of %6.5 makes the former $399 price point sell at $424.94. The $299 price point sells at $318.44. Now I'll exhaust my mathematical tricks by telling you that $318 + $130 = $448.00.

Alright. Some early morning mental gymnastics. So, from mathematics, I'll move into an area I'm somewhat more comfortable with: telling you that this is a fucking joke and I'll come to your house and do it for free because its about as difficult as ironing a shirt. If you don't know how to iron a shirt, there's no hope for you and you and Paris Hilton will die stupid, rich, and alone.

*sigh* I'm sorry for picking on stupid people and Paris Hilton. Jesus knows you all have more to worry about than ironing shirts and playing video games. Life is hard, I know.

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Wrinkles said...

Who said I have more to worry about than ironing shirts... WHO?!