Juan Francisco Casas

Juan Francisco Casas is an artist. He makes photorealistic drawings. With Bic pens. Ballpoint Bic pens. Have you ever tried to draw with a Bic pen? Doodles. That's the best you're going to do. This man, however, this Juan Francisco Casas character, has turned it all on its head. The big wheel of evolution keeps rolling, rolling toward a future in which photorealistic pen and ink drawings are done with Bic ballpoint pens. And the future is now.

Is that enough words? Sometimes I just ramble because I feel that a 'blog' should have a delicate balance of words and pictures, and as a strongly visual person, I like the pictures better. Also, sometimes I'm lazy and pasting pics up here is a far less involved task than sitting at this keyboard and pounding out drivel for you all to read. Or not read; maybe you're strongly visual people as well. Maybe my musings and ramblings are disjointed and unreadable.

That's possible, you know. I don't make any claims to proper literary organization, much less talent. I do claim that I know how to fill a page with words that are spelled correctly, which is sadly better than most of the partially literate masses in this day and age.

Alright, that's another rant for another post. Before I digress any further, I'd like to point you over to Juan's website and tell you that I truly am impressed with his ballpoint skills. The inspiration for this series was photos of nights out with friends, which is apparent from the context and vibe of the pieces pictured.

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