Solid Gold @ The Fine Line MPLS 12/3

According to their MySpace profile, Solid Gold belong to the "Psychedelic / Healing & EasyListening / Ghettotech" genre. I don't know what that means, but I think they make good music, and I like their new album Bodies of Water. Oh, their profile also mentions they sound like "mother nature sighing in ecstasy." I don't know what that means either, but judging by Solid Gold's music and choice of words, I'd be willing to guess that the ecstasy part isn't entirely metaphorical.

The album is definitely a trippy affair, and it has a very MGMT-on-xanax vibe. There is a certain earnestness in the vocals that makes the sound a little more intriguing than it would otherwise be. I would like to credit the singer, but the MySpace profile is unclear as to which band member, "pestilence, resistance," or "recovery," was responsible.

You can get the album in the iTunes store. My sources from the seedy underworld of internet piracy inform me that it is not yet available on any of the big torrent sites.

Right. Oh, and they are playing a show this Wednesday at the Fine Line in Mpls at 8 PM. $5 cover.

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