New LCD Soundsystem Album Due in May

LCD Soundsystem (99% James Murphy, 1% ??) have released the album artwork for their new LP "This is Happening," which is due to be released May 18 on DFA/Virgin Records. You can listen to the first new track (and Pitchfork Best New Track) Drunk Girls right...riiiiiight...here.

The track also has a Newrosis Best New Lyric: "Just cause you're hungry doesn't mean that you're lean."

According to Murphy, the track is about "drunk people and fun things." Suffice it to say, I appreciate his direct approach to songwriting.

SEXY, SEXY UPDATE: Hear the album IN IT'S ENTIRETY on LCD's website, here.

"You wanted a hit, but that's not what we do." I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND.

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