Hawaii Makes Surfbreaks Historic Landmarks

Governor Linda Lingle signed a law into effect on June 2nd making portions of Oahu's North and South shores into historical landmarks. The measure was defeated in the legislature by what state Senator Fred Hemmings describes as partisan politics, but it was resurrected by the Governor in the form of an executive order.

The actual benefits of this seem fairly minimal, and it is more a symbolic recognition of Hawaii's breaks being deeply rooted in the traditions of surfing. I'm really not actually sure what the purpose of this is, to be honest.

According to Surfer.com, "Hemmings hopes this executive order will bring back recognition and prominence to Hawai‘i in the international surf community."

I'm no expert on the international surf community, but I'm pretty sure the North Shore is still, by far, the most famous, recognizable, and prominent series of waves in the world. But hey, way to be proactive?

via surfer

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