La Disgrâce Français

After behaving like petulent children for most of the World Cup, the French national team was mercifully sent home today, but not in quite the fashion in which they arrived: the disgraced team was ordered to fly economy class from South Africa back to Paris.

The move came at the request of the French FA (FFF), which has been rocked by the scandalous behavior of Les Bleus over the course of the tournament. The furor began when several French players were upset over French manager Raymond Domenech's decision on the starting lineups for the first two games.

The situation grew worse when the always-classy Nicolas Anelka referred to Domenech as a "son of a whore" at halftime during their loss to Mexico (after which he was summarily dismissed from the team).

The final crepe burst over the weekend when, after a dispute with the head trainer, France captain Patrice Evra refused to practice, as did the rest of the squad. After this last display of disunity, the managing director of the FFF resigned and left the team to return to Paris.

After a stern dressing down by the French minister of sport, Les Bleus rallied for the French people, getting embarassed by hosts South Africa 2-1 in their final tournament game. The FFF then ordered the team straight onto the bus which took them directly to the airport and out of the country.

What a selfish bunch of assholes. These people (players AND staff) are clearly incapable of seeing pictures of anything larger than themselves. I feel very sorry for French football fans who wanted to see the best players from their country put on a good show at the greatest stage one can play the sport on. You were cheated out of your World Cup experience by a bunch of arrogant, self-serving, egomaniacal jerk-offs who can't swallow their pride for four fucking weeks in order to represent their country. What a shame.

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