Digital Paintings by Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

A quote from the artist, a Colombian art student, which I think you'll agree we can all relate to:
"I am currently an Art student at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia and from that aside I'm a small chick, very small, who lives the way small people do and that eats and create small things, that it also has a purpose, a very healthy purpose, fight and bitter the existence of those who are different, the tall ones, and with that I mean, conquer the world to then have the power over the pituitary gland of the human race and replace them with the gland of some random chicken or something scientifically correct." 
For digital paintings, I really like how soft and brutal the images are. I guess, like most people my age, I expect Jar-Jar Binks and Gollum, or Tron; stuff that's really clean and precise and 150 dpi. This work is really personal, and I guess I'll have to reassess my narrow-ass view of the digital art box.

Kudos to you, you pint-sized Colombiana.

Images via Juxtapoz 

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