The Hundreds x Disney

Streetwear designer The Hundreds has teamed up with Disney to put out some Peter Pan-themed gear. The t-shirts feature the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, but the hats are where it's at. New Era 59 Fifty fitted caps, one with Peter Pan's signature green and feather, the other Captain Hook's black felt pirate hat.

If you don't live in San Francisco or LA, you're probably never going to see any of this crap because its only being sold in store. If you live in LA, the line debuts tomorrow, Thursday December 11, and I will love you forever if you scoop me that pirate hat.

I already asked a friend of mine, but he is all uppity about Disney trying to gain street cred and says he won't do it. He went to a liberal brainwashing camp out in the desert instead of college though, so I usually just smile and nod when he starts with that crap.

Like I said, available in-store only.

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