Beatles Action Figures Cost a Fortune, Are Not Magical

THINK SILLY commissioned Japanese toymaker Medicom to make these 1000% Kubrick toys. What that means is each figure is 1000% the size of an actual Medicom Kubrick toy. The height is 680 mm, which translates into something in the neighborhood of two feet tall. The costumes are from the 1964 release of the monster hit 'Can't Buy Me Love.'

So, if you have always dreamed of having 4 statues of the Beatles in their 'Can't Buy Me Love' regalia which stand around two feet tall, then all I can say to you is I hope you are rich because the set will run you $19,160.00 from THINK SILLY's webstore.

That's American money, in case you were wondering, I checked it like four times.

via hypebeast

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