Soft Sculptures by Megan Whitmarsh

These piles of cuddly refuse remind me of my bedroom as a teenager. Previously known for her Yeti and Elf drawings and embroidery (wtf?), Los Angeles-based Megan Whitmarsh produced these unique pieces from scratch after growing tired of painting and drawing.

I assume she grew tired of painting and drawing because painting and drawing Yeti is stupid. What is the plural of Yeti, anyway? I just assumed it was 'Yeti' and not 'Yetis.' Maybe it's 'Yetii.' I always wondered who decides which words get the double 'i' plurals. Radius = radii, octopus = octopii, but rhinoceros does NOT = rhinocerii. That last one has been a point of personal sadness for me for many years. Effing Latin.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at these squishy collaborations definitely makes me want to jump into them head first with no regard for my personal safety. Fun for kids with hip parents.