bubble.us Free Online Brainstorming Tool

Ahh brainstorming. Whiteboards, blackboards, those really obnoxious oversized pads of paper that you put up on a tripod...what a mess, right? Well no more, thanks to bubbl.us you can have legible, mess-free bubbles that spawn other bubbles and still more bubbles until you feel your whole existence is directly correllated to the mess of bubbles you have created and if even ONE of those bubbles bursts, your whole world might...just...EXPLODE.

Anywho, this web app lets you share your bubbles online and even collaborate with others. Once you're finished, you can embed your 'mind map' (their term, not mine...I would call it a bubble boggle) into your website or blog where others can enjoy whatever it is that you were brainstorming about.

Finally, you can email and print your bubble boggle. Wait, is that supposed to qualify as a feature of some kind? I mean, if you can't email or print something, that makes it pretty fucking useless, does it not? What is this, the '90s? "Ooooh I can email AND print? Gosh the future really IS now!"

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