Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneakers Are Fugly

Last I checked, Kanye West is a hip hop artist and producer who makes probably the sickest beats in the industry and babbles on about girls and drugs and whatever else it is that those type of artists babble on about. Apparently not content with his domination of the babbling hip hop scene, Kanye has gone the Pharell route and started designing shoes. Shoes for Louis Vuitton, who are famous because they make luggage and purses for women.

Anyway, the shoes are just disgustingly ugly, so that's the end of that one would hope. Regardless, the reasons I am writing about them are twofold: 1) it's been slow for blog material lately, and 2) because Kanye openly admits that the inspiration for that hideous heel cuff is the collar of a costume from the massive 1984 sci-fi flop Dune. Wow. Talk about a really timeless film that bridges the gap between generations.

I know another story like this: it involves a man named Mugatu and a certain ebony-and-ivory-themed necktie. Kanye's vision to have everyone dressed up like they're cast in bad '80's sci-fi may read like some fantastical plot tangent from Zoolander, but sadly it is quite real. How long this collaboration will perpetuate itself probably has alot to do with the number of people out there willing to pay a king's ransom for ugly shoes. That being the case, I'm guessing I will be reading about this steaming pile of sneaker for some time.

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