100 Amazing Flickr Collections for Architecture Buffs

So I saw this over on Core77 and thought I'd check it out. The list is on the Graduate Degree Blog, which is, according to the byline, the "Ultimate Source for Getting an Online Graduate Degree." Wow. Okay. Well I don't really know what the Ultimate Source is doing posting these Flickr groups, but in the grand scheme of things, I couldn't really care less, so let's move on.

The list is broken down into 11 sub-categories with clever names like 'Home' and 'General' and 'Periods,' and each sub-category has links to flickr groups with lots of pictures of buildings. By lots, I mean hundreds of thousands of images of varying quality. Seriously, about 1 out of 50 caught my eye, and the volumes are so massive it's difficult to get your head around these mothers.

The only one I can recommend outright is the Castles group. Some really amazing stuff in there from castillos del todo el mundo.

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