Lacoste Crocodile Mythology Sneaker Collection

I love all of these releases from Lacoste. The kicks are, apparently, an homage to the varying myths and legends surrounding... crocodiles:

“Crocodiles are featured in many myths and legends around the world with diverse stories ranging from Ancient Egypt where the powerful half man, half crocodile Sobek came out of the sea to create the world. To the Albino Crocodile in South Africa which inhabits the sacred Lake Venda. In Melanesia the Kawai people of Papua New Guinea believe that they are descendants of Nuga, a half man, half crocodile creature created long ago from a piece of wood and in New York we explore the reported sightings of sewer crocodiles around the city.”

Yeah. Well anyway these shoes are the pwn, but once again, I will be SOL according to Hypebeast because *deep breath* I live in bumblefuck and the shoes "will only be available from an exclusive selection of stores globally." Blerg.
Well if you live near one of these stores, the three styles pictured on this page will be released at the rate of one per month from April through June. I suppose I could have just said 'April, May, and June,' but I didn't, so just let it go Ryan. Let it go...

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