This is why...

...you don't bury your ashes at your favorite team's stadium:

What you see above is a bench dedicated to some 500 Arsenal Gooners Football Club supporters (Americans: fans) who had their ashes buried under the pitch (Americans: field) at their former home, Highbury. I say former, because the Gunners have moved on, and the space is now occupied by...wait for it...condos.

Beyond the fact that burying your ashes in a football stadium is tacky, it may also show some disrespect for your family, who are left to explain the whole mess. Nothing lasts forever, and that is trebly true in professional sports.

At any rate, the flats were developed "sympathetically," which I assume means they were developed retaining as many characteristics of Highbury, The Stadium as possible.

I would also submit that this was not sympathetic to the club or its fans, but so the developer could fetch an even more outrageous price for these North London golden eggs.

story via selectism, images via the observer

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