Aston Martin One-77

I have been searching for the right words for this post since yesterday, but I cannot possibly describe how I feel about this car except to say that it gets me a little worked up. I have long considered Aston Martin to be at the fore of automotive design; the lines of their cars speak to me on a primal level: "I am just way too fast."

The One-77 elevates this dedication to speedy design to an art form. Only 77 vehicles will be produced--at roughly $2.5 million each--and the limited run allowed the design team to use techniques and materials that would have been impossible to provide for mass-produced models. From the signature grille to the carbon fiber frame, this beauty takes the Aston Martin vintage into uncharted waters of awesomeness. Check out the videos at the One-77 website if you get a chance.

Oh by the way, this beast rocks a 700hp, 7.3 L, v12, six-speed manual transmission just to let you know it isn't all for show.

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