ColorWare custom electronics

A friend of mine just tipped me about ColorWare, a company that uses a proprietary coloring procedure which allows you to select from 22 colors in combination to produce your own unique gadget color scheme. They offer custom color jobs for your iPod, your cell phone, your laptop, your gaming console, and even some HDTVs.
The process includes application of a "X2" compound which cures under UV light and provides protection against scratches that will de-customize your color scheme. X2 is also advertised as non-fading, which is pretty important considering the price of these custom jobs, which I guess one could refer to as exorbitant.

You can play around on the website and design your own color scheme for your new gadget, like the iPod classic. Some newer or more exclusive units are unavailable new from ColorWare, so you can send in your current, non-custom gadgets and have them colored up as well.

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